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Your Tiktok comments are out of order because of outdated TikTok app, or some of the comments are offensive and spam under the video, the TikToks algorithm normally hides those inappropriate comments which leads to disordered comment.

However, there are things which causes comments not to show up.

Why is TikTok not showing full comments?

The most common reason is profanity, So TikTok has community guidelines that prohibit certain types of content, including hate and offensive language. If a comment contains profanity, it may be partially or fully censored by TikTok.

In addition to that, it may remove or partially censor comments that violate its community guidelines, including comments that contain bullying, or other forms of harmful content.

Can’t see top comments on videos

Make sure that you have the latest version of TikTok installed on your device. You can check for updates in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), if TikTok has released the update and you happen to have missed that one then you most likely going to face this disordered comments.

In many cases, fully closing the TikTok app, and make sure it is no longer running and then reopening it should resolve the problem independently.

How do I fix comment settings on TikTok?

Simple solution can fix this problem, you need to close the tiktok app and then restart your mobile, this quick fix should help with the comments, however if you want to try TikTok comment’s settings then unfortunately you don’t get better options other then hide or delete comments.

Though you can check your comments filter settings by going to your profile and then privacy settings which is explained following topic

Sometimes It is TikTok bug and they will fix, so you should try after couple of hours to see if the bug has been fixed by TikTok.

How to Message anyone on TikTok

How to View Your Comment History on Mobile

To view your recent comments or your comments history follow below steps:

  1. Go to your TikTok profile, tap the three horizontal lines.
  2. Tap “Settings and privacy.”
  3. Under the “Content & Display” section, tap “Comment and watch history.”
  4. Tap “Comment history.

The above steps should help you finding out the comments.

What are flagged comments on TikTok?

Community-flagged comments on TikTok are comments that the TikTok community previously blocked, muted, or reported for being unkind, spammy, or offensive.

Sometimes these comments have been reported by other users for violating the app’s community guidelines.

TikTok has a team of moderators who review reported comments and decide whether they should be removed or not.

Some examples of comments that may be flagged and removed include those that contain hate speech, harassment, nudity or sexual content, spam, or misinformation.

TikTok’s community guidelines are designed to promote a safe and positive environment for all users, so any content that violates these guidelines is subject to removal.

Other Reason of Out of order TikTok Comments

Just like any app, TikTok can experience glitches or technical issues that may cause comments to appear out of order or not at all when you go to see.

Another possible thing is that tsers can delete their comments or edit them, which can cause them to show at a different order.

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