Triller VS TikTok

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Triller Vs TikTok

Triller vs TikTok is hard to compare because they both offer a short format video sharing platform.

TikTok has been gaining popularity and now it is competing with Facebook and Instagram.

This year, Facebook’s CEO claimed that it is losing new users as the short format app is attracting more and more young people.

So what does it mean for Triller? the Triller has been around since 2015, and it is not as popular as TikTok is now, But it has its own perks which will share in the following sections.

Let’s start a comparison between both apps.

Triller VS TikTok Users

TikTok has more users hands down, the app is grown so much in size that it has no comparison to Triller.

However, the Triller has one unique quality which can outperform TikTok, and that is its user demography.

Triller users are normally from English Speaking countries, whereas, TikTok is mostly dominated by South Asian countries.

So, as a creator, if you want to promote your content to western countries only, Triller is the place to upload.

Not only that, you can even land better Brand sponsor Deals, plus Triller has its own Sponsor program.

As a TikTok user, you have the freedom to post anything with relevant hashtags, and it is likely to take off because of the broad community from around the world.

But, for Triller, you will have to be specific and follow the trends to get any results.

Earning Difference between Triller and TikTok Creators

On TikTok, you can go viral by creating dumb videos, it can be related to anything, however, to gain followers on Triller, is a hard Job.

On Triller, it is difficult to get 20k followers, however, if you managed to get those followers on triller, you are likely to be picked up by Triller Sponsorship.

You can make 3 times more on Triller than you will do with 500k followers on TikTok.

According to New York Times, “Let’s say a TikToker is going to make $300,000 on a deal with TikTok,” “They’ll probably make $2 million with Triller”

Plus, Triller creators can do their own merch directly on the app.

So, Is Triller better than TikTok? read the following section

Creator Competition on TikTok VS Triller

The competition in terms of content creators is much higher on TikTok, though it is not that competitive on Triller, but you will have to produce extremely great content for the Triller community.

The community on Triller is mostly western and it is hard to get a following on the app.

However, if you are on TikTok, it is not easy to get viral videos, and you need to produce more and more content.

Because Triller is less saturated in terms of creators, therefore, there is still room to try your luck on Triller.

Especially, if you have spent an ample amount of time on TikTok and haven’t seen any luck.

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In Conclusion

Triller is more toward creator supported platform, whereas TikTok is providing viewer serving environment.

both Apps have their own perks.

You never know where you can find your luck and get successful, therefore, I would say try both platforms.

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