What does Ratio Mean on TikTok

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what does ratio mean on tiktok

When you video on TikTok gets more comments compared to Likes, it is called ratioed, it indicates that majority viewers do not agree with content in the post, hence you get more comments discussion from the people.

The ratio is actually a very common term used on social media platforms. However, on TikTok, it is mainly used for the comment section. So, basically High Ratio means your comment section has more replies compare to the likes.

Ratioed is not a good term, it is mainly because the people are responding back and forth under your content and they don’t agree with it, therefore they don’t like your comment.

What Does Ratio me 1:1 means?

What does Ratio Mean on TikTok

This means if there are 10 comments, they also want 10 likes on comments. This is a way to request to get the same amount of likes on comments.

What is a good like to view ratio on TikTok?

Like to View ratio can vary from niche to niche, educational content tends to get low likes compare to funny and dance types of videos. However, a good Like to view ratio is 1:5.

What does W mean in Ratio TikTok?

If someone has commented #W under your TikTok post, it means Win. However, if you got the #L comment under your post it is opposite to Win. So Do remember  #W=Win and #L=? You can guess it.

What Does L Mean on TikTok

It means Loser, people tag Winning videos on TikTok with #W and loser with #L.

What does FS means on TikTok?

FS means Friendster, this is a short form of Friendster commonly used by the Z generation on social media.

Is Ratio Used on Other Social platforms as well?

The origin of the Ratio term began on Twitter, meaning that having more quotes than retweets.

What does the DC mean on TikTok?

The Acronym stands for a dancing challenge or more accurately when a content creator makes its original dance video and challenges other creators on TikTok to do something similar to better than this. Hence, the other users tag DC to credit the original author of this new dance trend. it is a way of initiating a dance challenge.

What does IB mean on TikTok

IB means inspired by when somebody comments #IB that is to credit the creator or whoever they have inspired by. A short form to express. However, in some cases, it is International Baccalaureate students. You can check a hashtag on TikTok by the name of #IB.

What Does FYP Mean on TikTok

FYP means For You Page, it is a tab on the TikTok app. So, when you open TikTok, by default TikTok picks video clips to show you based on your previous reactions and interactions with similar content.

Everyone’s For you page is different, so the video feed you are getting will be completely different to your friend or siblings.

What Does AS Means on TikTok

The AS stands for an adult swim on TikTok, and it’s part of a TikTok trend that involves a lot of creativity. To create this content you simply make a trendy AS video in your way, but you need to display[AS] at the end of your video, it can be through animation, writing or clothes, or anything. That is AS in a nutshell.

You can follow the below methods to increase virality on your TikTok Post, also select the best niches Right now on TikTok.

What Does SW mean on TikTok

The meaning of SW on TikTok is Sex Worker.

Best Way to go Viral on TikTok

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