What is Considered Viral on TikTok

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So, if you get views more than 500,000 views it be considered viral.

Any of your posts that quickly gets circulated on TikTok and also gets shared on other media platforms such as Facebook is considered popular.

Let’s Understand about Viral TikTok Post.

1. How Do You Know, You Have A Viral Video on TikTok?

After posting your video on TikTok within a couple of hours, if you see the number of viewers is growing on your post then you have a viral video. However, the number of views should be doubled after every interval of time as follows:

After Posting your TikTok video

Duration Time No. of Views(example)

Hours since video is on TikTokGained No. Of Views

The above numbers should keep on increasing on the next day as well. A viral video keeps on increasing its views upto 2 weeks.

2. TikTok Followers Growth

Having a viral video will hook the viewers and it will encourage them to check your profile to find a similar kind of content. If you happen to have quality content, they will end up following you.

This is especially cool if you are a unique content creator.

A unique content creator is someone who doesn’t just show off their body to attract, or copy the trendy videos, in fact, mix it up with a different viewpoint and add creativity. This post is very helpful in creating a viral video.

The Number of comments is increasing Under your TikTok Posts

When you see your video is getting a lot of comments, that is also a sign of viral video, though you need to be smart here, when you see any comment, go ahead and reply back to them with 30minutes of their comment.

Why? There is a high chance that the person is still on TikTok, and on average a TikTok viewer spends 53minutes per day.

So, when you reply back to their comment, they will see a notification and will be curious to see your response, and you know what happens when you click the notification?

The video gets played again and earns you another extra view.

This method will create a snowball effect when you reply back, which will trigger the TikTok algorithm to push your video to more users.

Back and forth comments under a video show people are interested in your content and they are talking about it.

Do you Have the right niche?

If you are still struggling to grow your account, find out these popular niches to go viral.

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