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what is so special about itktok

So, what is so special about TikTok? Well, Tik Tok is an app that’s not really well understood by many people, especially over the age of 25, the App is actually huge with over 1.7 billion registered users Including its Chinese version, the success behind the app is AI.

TikTok is speciall because of short form video content, and it allows user to create small mobile size videos, after posting the video, TikTok pushes it to relevant audience based on their interest via FY page.

You can see the AI makes it different from the current generation of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Initially, I could not understand why kids love Tik Tok, I had no idea and I couldn’t understand why but when I did download the app and try it out for an hour. 

I can tell you that the AI really works, you would end up with a feed that entertains you and I think the AI-driven approach works.

Why TikTok is Popular

Tik Tok is a short-form video-sharing app, most people mistakenly think it’s only for lip-syncing or music performance app, but after spending some time with the app it’s really something that you wouldn’t skip a day without checking.

Most of the popular videos that hit millions of views have some kind of wow factor in it.

If you are a user, the TikTok algorithm will serve you the top videos in your feed one after one according to your interest.

There are various types of videos, people make a comedy, traveling, cooking or even stunts, science experiment in 15 seconds’ time.

Right now, Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media apps on the planet, allowing users to share with friends and also duet with someone by replying to their video.

TikTok is not Just Mobile App

tiktok is most popular app

Tik Tok has also bought a french news company, plus it also has a portion in LA-based news agency.

The Tik Tok AI can combine news from various sources on the internet and create a customized news feed for a user.

AI is the core of TikTok, .they use a powerful full AI which is way more sophisticated than any other social media platform in the world

If you ever use TikTok, you will notice that the entire feed is covered up by video, but nothing else, so you have very little distraction.

The more you use it the more AI learns what you like. Of course, you can follow people but that’s basically it, if you see stuff from people that you’re following, well you just have an AI-powered feed.

A full-screen video that automatically starts playing if you don’t watch an entire video you’ll get fewer videos of that kind videos.

A completely different approach to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, Tik Tok aggressively dictates what you’ll see.

Yes, there are strange things as this sounds, like having absolutely no choice has been labeled as being integral to the success of Tik Tok.

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How Does TikTok Work

how does tiktok work

Well, it’s really simple you just download the app like you would any other platform and then create an account. You’ll have to come up with some kind of user name no different from Facebook Instagram or anything like that.

Once you’re logged in you can instantly start watching everybody’s videos, and there are so many videos on TikTok.

Once you open up the app on your phone and then it will take you to a 15-second video and that 15-second video will just loop to the next one.

If you swipe up, it will take you to the next one, so on and so on, and so on, the more time you spend on the app the more you will tap into the TikTok algorithm.

So, it will start to show you videos that are related to stuff that you’ve liked and engaged with, you almost get glued with it.

Do you know Know? you can literally go viral on TikTok faster than any other platform at the moment. All you have to do is follow the trend.

What is the Trend on Tiktok

There are definitely trends on Tik Tok and just to name a few there was the Adele trend in past, Something Trackstar, which is a huge part of Tik Tok.

People use trends for lip-syncing to a song or lip-syncing to a quote from a film.

Also, there are people that dance.

It’s just a really random app full of really random things so as a consumer there’s plenty of content for you to sit there and watch.

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How Big is TikTok as a Company 

how big is tik tok

This platform may soon take over many big apps, to give you an idea of the size of Tik Tok, it’s the number one downloaded app on the App Store,  and the number one social media app on all platforms.

In less than three years it has come to rival YouTube and Facebook, the company now has 30,000 staff with offices in Japan, Europe, the US, South America, and India.

How Does TikTok Make Money

Tik Tok mainly makes money through ads and the sale of virtual goods like emojis and stickers from influencers to fans, and fans to influencers too.

The exchange of virtual goods is made through in-app purchases of a digital currency.

TikTok Was Fined

Tik Tok had to pay 5.7 million dollars for illegally collecting information of minors a violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or copper. For the very same law that YouTube was fined for.

Who Owns the TikTok 

Tik Tok is owned by the Chinese company byte dance which was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Beijing, byte dance is currently worth $80 billion u.s. dollars making it the most valuable privately held company in the world.

The founder Zhang Yi mien was a former Microsoft software engineer and started the company in his mid-20s, the company byte dance is like a Chinese version of Facebook with several other popular sites in the region.

They quickly grew in china and captured more than 10 million users in few months, but it wasn’t easy to capture the big audience with the same type of app outside of China.

Because there was already a competition in the western world in the form of an existing App called musically.

To beat the competition, Byte dance bought the musically in 1 billion dollars.

Now TikTok has a monopoly on the short video app market and in just 3 years they are the top social media platform.

What is the Point of TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform with short-format videos, it allows users to express themselves through short clips compare to other social media platforms like youtube and Facebook. The app users can post videos about anything such as songs, educational or informative videos, and traveling.

What is bad about TikTok?

There is a plus and minus about everything, so is TikTok. Its powerful AI quickly grabs your behaviour and reaction through recently watched videos on the app and serves you very soon the type of content you are going to like. Unlike other social media, it has a simple straight video playing feed.

You don’t have to select or like any interest to enjoy content on the app, that is why the app becomes addictive and you can’t get away from it.

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