What is Triller

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What is triller

Triller is a short format video app that allows users to make small videos based on music snippets.

The Triller app is older than TikTok and it has been around since 2015.

Triller is still less saturated compared to TikTok, so if you are trying to produce a video and hoping to get some viral growth, try Triller.

How is Triller Different from TikTok

So, both of them are short video format platforms, though TikTok offers more custom tools to edit the clip and produce the desired content.

Triller mainly relies on AI to compile the best part of the clips and generate the best quality, from one point of view it is better than TikTok, as you don’t have to put in a lot of work to produce good content.

what is triller

Is Triller Safer Than TikTok?

No app is completely safe, though both apps claim to have Zero tolerance for sexual abuse & harassment. 

But, it is your responsibility to be vigilant, especially when you have underage kids, try to check privacy settings and disable direct messages and post-sharting options for the kids.

Secondly, communicate with your kids to make them understand, why they should never respond to strangers on Triller or any social media.

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What Can you Post on Triller?

You can post anything which is acceptable according to Triller’s privacy policy, in general, dance videos and funny clips are dominating the platform.

Put the background music on your clips, or create your own music to be used on your clips. 

Once the video is public, the Triller users can share and comment on your video, they can even use your music.

This is one way of making your music go popular on the internet.

Sexually explicit material is No No to the platform.

Does Triller Have 18 Plus Content?

Again, parents need to know about the platform before they let the kids use it.

Because, once the video is posted, it is out there in the public, and anyone can share and post it to other platforms.

The app is very similar to TikTok, and mainly focused on teens and it is rated for Teens.

Though, sometimes the video feed contains inappropriate content for minors.

Therefore, it is not just for adults or for kids only.

Can I Make Money on Triller

Triller offers channels that allow creators to make money from the content they have already known for or the niche they are in.

The other way of making money on triller is brand sponsorship, where you reach out to a brand and create a video on your profile and promote their product or content through your profile.

in return, you charge a certain amount. Here is a step-by-step Triller Guide.

How to  Become Triller Creator

In order to be a successful Triller creator, you have to set up your profile properly and it should contain an avatar, description, and other social links.

Content is the main thing to produce, you should at least have 9 videos produced in the first month. 

9 Videos work very well on your profile and it shows you are a regular content creator, people tend to follow profiles with content, not an empty profile.

Check the trending videos on other apps like TikTok and try to blend them with your own style and post them on Triller.

How to Go Viral on Triller

The easiest way to go viral is by making engaging content, on triller if you are getting many likes and comments then consider it your video will be noticed by the algorithm.

The algorithm will push out your videos in public and get you more and more views.

The video will stay on the feed for a long period of time.

Hence, the key to success on triller is well-engaging content.

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