What to do with TikTok Diamonds

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what to do with diamonds

So you want to make money on TikTok but you don’t know how the gifts work.

Here I will explain what are the gift points, coins, and diamonds how do they all work.

Let’s understand how it works, and what you can do with Diamonds.

The first step is you need a thousand followers, and the second step is once you have a thousand followers then you’re allowed to go live on TikTok and that is how you’ll be getting gifts on TikTok from your viewers.

These gifts are worth coins, and they can be turned into diamonds for the Creator only. 

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How to Convert Gifts into Diamonds, and how much everything is worth

  • Gifts are bought by anyone.
  • For $0.99 Cents a viewer can buy 100 coins.
What to do with TikTok Diamonds

So what type of gifts can you be awarded when you go live. 

Somebody that has a bunch of coins can give you gifts based on these eight different gifts and these gifts are worth these many coins.

Gift AwardsCoinsGift AwardsCoins
Panda5Rainbow Puke100
Italian Hand5Concert500
Love Bang25I’m Very Rich1,000
Sun Cream50Drama Queen5,000

If they give you a panda gift that’s worth five coins if somebody gives you a drama queen that’s worth five thousand coins. 

  • Once you receive these gift coins, they can turn into diamonds in your TikTok wallet, Got it ?
  • Now those diamonds are going to be worth half of what coins are worth okay?
  • So, if you received 100 coins, it will be 50cents for you in terms of Diamonds.
  • 200 Diamonds will be equal to $1.

How Many Diamonds you will need to Cashout?

You will need to collect diamonds(10,000) worth $50 in your TikTok wallet before you cash out. 

To cash out you will need an active PayPal account.

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