What to Post on Tik Tok to GO Viral

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what to post on tiktok to go viral

In this post, I am going to share with you the top ideas that are going to help you go viral on TikTok.

To Go viral on TikTok You need to post content that adds value or some sort of fun to the viewers, this content can be about tutorials, and information or it can be something about lip-sync from a movie clip. Also, posting according to your niche regularly can make your post go viral. However, there are many other smart ways to use it.

First, you need to know what type of content can actually go viral on TikTok, just posting random videos will not grow your account.

Though it can get you, followers. But, if you don’t post similar stuff in near future, they will leave you.

What can I post on TikTok to get famous?

So, Let’s start with some of the things that are a must before you post your content.

You need to build a recognisable brand.

Make sure to study your niche and the pain points of the viewers.

Add value to your viewers.

Capitalise on trends, trend your friend, which takes us to the next step:

what to post on tiktok to go viral

What to post on TikTok to go Viral

Right now, TikTok values total video watch time more than anything else such as likes, comments, or shares, if people swipe up your content without finishing till the end, it is not at all good for your account and your content will not go viral on TikTok. 

Any video(18-22 sec) that can get more than 90% retention should be your target, you can check your video analytics to see how your previous videos performed.

How to Keep viewers longer on your TikTok content

You need to plan and structure your videos, not your video idea, but your video structure. This is something that not a lot of people put a lot of attention to.

Because most people will have a viral idea and they’ll spontaneously pull out their phone or their camera they’ll shoot it they’ll edit it they’ll upload it to Tik Tok. It is hit & miss situation. You might get views you might not.

But, what if can you do everything beforehand and increase the chances of going viral? 


##fortune2881 ##xyzbca

♬ Old Streets – 2KBABY

Tiktok Viral Trick

Use relevant and popular 3-4 hashtags to increase the visibility of your videos in searches and on the “For You” page. Participating in trending challenges can help your content reach a wider audience.

So, This is how you should approach each TikTok video .

You need to have a proper theme around your all videos, it should contain everything relatable about the topic(niche) you are making a video about. 

  1. Niche: Let’s say you want to create a post about Batman, then put a batman picture in your background or put on a shirt, use some yellow & black color objects, you can add batman music for 2-3 seconds in the beginning then add top-trending music from the TikTok Library.
    • Now at a glance, anyone can understand what this video is going to be about, rather than swiping up, viewers are likely to stay and watch your full content.
    • Please, do not add full batman music, you will get copyright banned or your video will go back to 0 views. 
  2. Relatable hashtags, Title, and Description: Your video Title needs to be catchy, and the description should contain some kind of dialogue. The hashtags have to be relatable to the niche, in this case, it will be batman, movie scenes, and movie clips.
  3. Combine it with TikTok Trend: Look at the for you page videos, watch 30-40 different videos, and notice what types of videos are trending on the platform. Just model their style with your content niche, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same.

Use the stitch video option and blend your content in it.

Now the basics are cleared, let’s find out what niches to post To Go Viral on TikTok  

I will share with you niches that are going to grow your account and make your video viral now and in the future. No, I’m not going to say niches like dancing comedy, or lip singing because we already know that these niches are saturated. But if you are unable to grow your account, learn these valuable hacks to rapidly increase your following.

Instead, I am going to go one layer deeper and share niches that are currently less crowded. lets start with No1.

1. How to Tutorial 

what to post to get f

How-to tutorial ideas are becoming more and more popular on Tik Tok. For example, you can start here’s how to invest in the forex market for dummies.

You can also say here’s how I edit my Tik Tok videos and you can just give background on your Tik Tok videos, it is human nature to know how things get done or happen. 

There is a full TV channel based on this human emotion called Discovery.

Teaching your viewers something in a clear and entertaining manner in an 18 to 22-second video always does well.

You can choose anything you want, cooking, car fixing, traveling, whatever. 

Learn Here, How Often You Should Post

2. Teaching Life Hacks

Are you good at explaining things? right now this niche is exploding, you can explain life hacks in 18-20 seconds, something like how to tie shoes with just one hand, or how to do parallel parking. 

Why this type of video idea will always work? Because your video contains a hook in it and it raises curiosity and viewers will remain stick to the video till the end, that means high retention, and high retention means TikTok will push your video to more and more people.

3. Work Situation At A Place

This idea is to talk about what it’s like working at your job.

You can start your video with a voice or text like this, “ here’s what it’s like to work as a real estate agent”, or during quarantine. “Here’s what it’s like to work at KFC”, and show the tuff side of work.

This is something relatable to many people. Almost everyone does work or does some kind of job, and there is a huge young audience and this stuff is relatable to their age group. 


If you drive a car, this law covers more than you think! 🚙 ##law ##lawyer ##ticket ##med ##broad ##cars ##nowyouknow ##blindside

♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

You can take the example of the layer(mike), he is exploding it on TikTok right now.

4. Music Play In Background

Having the music playing in the background and listing your favorite songs or favorite artists in a relatable environment, remember batman’s beginning?

You might ask, why it can go viral. Well, you are using a popular song and people will watch your full clip and will leave comments under your video too.

You can play a little bit with emotions here, do something controversial, Put a less famous singer’s photo at the front and put a text on it, and say something like, “ Justin Biber is better than Drake”. In your case, it will be the singer of the song that you are playing.

This will go completely crazy. These types of videos do so well. But you will also have to put in some work too to make it extra viral.

Because it is controversial, you will get tons of comments and full watch time. Now, reply to each comment after 30 minutes. This way people will come back to your video to see your response and the video will play again, giving you one extra view.

5. Unboxing Items

what to post to go viral on tiktok

Unboxing new tech products and showing how they look when they’re being used. People love to watch stuff that they haven’t seen or used.

To keep people longer on your video, record your clip from different angles and combined them together. This way the viewers will stay longer on your posts and watch till the end.

You’re practically hooking the viewer with your content and different angles.

6. Student Life Content

The school or College niche is always ahead of the Tik Tok trends. The Tik Tok trends typically start or really get pushed out by the student age group.

Post relatable high school or college videos, we all know this is the largest demographic on Tik Tok.

Right now everything is online, you could make clips about, how you get distracted when you’re on zoom calls or how you get nervous or uncomfortable when you’re on these zoom calls.

You can also make content about how much you hate online zoom classes or complain about specific subjects that are really difficult. 

During your session or in class, if you post a video where you get caught sneaking out, or you get caught by your parents something along those lines.

The student age group is going to understand it very well. Keep in mind, students are extremely loyal to each other. Loyal in the sense of engagement, comments, likes, and shares. 

7. Movies and Fun

Stich viral videos, whenever there is a feature introduced by TikTok use it, Tik Tok pushes videos that are made using their app’s feature. 

Secondly, when you stick your opinion with a viral video as a starting hook people are naturally going to want to watch it.

Pro Tip, create a controversial clip and your objective should be to gain a lot of backlashes.

 why? everyone has opinions on certain TV and Movies, post clips about that, and then just talk about movie actors or actresses, such as how overrated Starlet Johnson is.

You will see your post comment section is flooded, The loyalty of these fan bases is going to go into your comments section, as a complaint, as their opinion, and so on.

They will send your video viral by engaging in the comment section, and with your response, you can get double views, you know that already.

You can also use a green screen in the background and post a picture of the character.

8. Funn & Less Competitive Niche

Did you ever think about making yourself cartoons or animation? Don’t worry you do not have to learn all that animation yourself.

Look at the above channel. You can get an idea about the video, and how it is done. 

How animations and cartoons work is because the views are not too hard to come by as well and you’re starting off with a harder barrier to enter the niche.

so in other words you have less competition within this niche to increase your account and likes.

9. Breaking news

The sports or gossip niche does really well on Tik Tok.

Giving breaking news, gossip about actors and actresses, or sports news, your account could do really well.

Why? The supply of news is endless, every day you have new gossip or news coming in. you’ll never run out of content to talk about.

Most Importantly, a lot of people love talking about their favorite movies, series, and sports. Hence you have a huge audience out there ready to listen to what is happening.

Also, everybody has their opinion, they can really spark your comment section which is going to increase engagement and increase your overall views and watch time.

Last Tips to Get

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