Why am I not Getting Followers on Tik Tok

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why am i not getting followers on tiktok
why I am not getting followers on tiktok

The reason you are not gaining followers involves a violation of TikTok’s community guidelines such as abusive text, racial remarks, and sometimes using a banned TikTok device or Email address. However, in some cases, it was found to have different reasons.

In case, you have just started TikTok and you are not getting any followers, it is mainly because your account is brand new, wait for 24 hours. 

In case, it has been a while and you are unable to grow your account then the following tips will surely help you understand why you are not getting followers on TikTok, and how you can avoid these mistakes.

Following reasons are most common why you are not getting followers:

  • Consistency, TikTok’s algorithm favours accounts that post consistently. If you are not posting regularly, your content may not be reaching as many people as it could.
  • TikTok is a highly visual platform, and users are attracted to engaging and high-quality content. If your content is blurry, poorly lit, or not visually appealing, users are less likely to engage with it.
  • TikTok is a crowded platform, and it’s essential to stand out by finding a niche that suits you. Focusing on a particular topic or theme can help you attract a dedicated following.
  • Engaging with other users’ content can help attract new followers to your account. Liking, commenting, and sharing others’ videos can increase your visibility and help you build a community of engaged followers.
  • Hashtags can help your content reach a broader audience by categorizing it with similar content. Make sure to include relevant hashtags in your video captions to increase your visibility.

Abusive text or In-Appropriate Contnet on TikTok

You might say, I already know that I don’t have to use F words in my videos, but that is not just it. If any of your videos contain such words that are banned by the platform, you will not get any views on your videos and ultimately you end up getting 0 followers. 

Check if your video contains any trace of violence, hate, or racist expression in the form of description, speech.

It can be racist text, a text on video. Any of those things can be one of the major reasons.

Also, if you have been posting content against the TikTok guidelines which is generally what I discussed above, you are most likely banned(or shadowbanned). Learn Here, why your videos don’t get views.

You can check yourself, by using your sister’s or your mom’s phone and try making a new TikTok account and create some decent content on your new account. Keep in mind it should have different mobile No. too.

This is very important to consider, as it can cause total disaster so eliminate the issue once forever in the beginning.

Is it bad to have multiple TikTok Accounts

Are you using more than one TikTok account on the same phone? if yes, then get rid of the extra account or switch your main account to another mobile phone. 

The activities from the same mobile phone can influence the other account too. It can be extremely crucial. By chance, if your account is associated with the same mobile phone and got punished in the past and now you are making another TikTok account on the same phone and same mobile number again, It is the worst mistake. 

Oh, don’t let it happen, change it all.

Going Against TikTok’s Algorithim

Each web-based media channel or social media platform has an interesting calculation that content makers ought to know about; including the hashtags, music, geo-locations.

why am i not getting followers on tiktok

Everything needs to be considered. Let me explain to you more about this.

It is every TikTokers goal to reach For You Page, but do you know For You page actually customizes its content as per every individual’s behavior? 

The Algorithm behind For you page uses behavior information from users. Such as, what have you seen before, and what did you like, on what video did you spend most of the time. 

Did you engage with the content, it records your geolocation too.

Now you have understood the Algorithm, let’s Please the Algorithm.

  1. To guarantee success on TikTok, you have to know what sort of content is trending right now, and what content do people engage on Tiktok.
  2. More than half of the users on tiktok are age between 16-24. So, now it makes sense to you that you gotta be producing content that is appealing to young people.

Create content after knowing how to please the algorithm and you will see parabolic growth in your following. You can follow the exact steps here to grow your TikTok Account.

Time of Post can Increase Virality on TikTok

You are posting at the wrong time, keep in mind, Tik Tok is a geo-focused app. What does this mean? this means TikTok is going to push out content to your location before anywhere else in the world.

@bleacherreport Bruh, he timed the spare perfectly 🤯 #foryou #bowling #perfecttiming #viral ♬ Day in Paris LLusion – LLusion

So, post your Tiktok video as per your geolocation, it should be specific to wherever you are.

You are going to want to be posting in the following time slots:

 From 9 am to 12 pm, From 1 pm to 3 pm From 5 pm to 9 pm.

Also, if you want to be specific, look at your trending posts on your account, see what time the majority of those posts were posted. 

You can get the idea of the best time slots and then you have to start to narrow it down in that time slot and post around those hours. Learn Here, the Best time to post on TikTok in detail.

Creating A Boring Conent

I often see some videos on TikTok, I am sure you must have seen them too, where there is a girl/boy in front of the camera and music is playing in the background and he/she is just making random moves. Something completely not synchronizing with the music. I don’t watch such Tik Tik videos and simply swipe up.

Well, guess what, this is the same case with every TikTok user, they swipe up. So, you get 0 interaction, lowest audience engagement,0 shares.

That means TikTok is not going to push your video to any further audience, and you will end up getting 5-10 views here and there with no followers.

So, You have to be making content that can go viral.

The important factors before creating Tiktok are as following:

Trending Songs: Music is a big deal on TikTok. Make sure you check which songs are trending.

Filters: Like Instagram, TikTok has many good filters. Use them to create a nice atmosphere in your video.

Gain Audience Retention: Start your video with a hook and keep it interesting, leave something unique in the middle and end your video with a question. So, the viewers can comment on your video.

Do apply everything above, and you will surely get followers. Shares this post on social media.

How do I Increase my Followers on TikTok

You need to be consistent, this is very important not just for TikTok but for any social media platform like Facebook, youtube. When you post your content regularly, the connection between you and your followers remains fresh.

It definitely helps you grow your following. How? when you post new content your audience watches and the TikTok algorithm notices the engagement with video and overall audience retention. If it has high engagement and retention then TikTok pushes it to other users on the platform.

Thus, you get the snowball effect of getting new followers, you should try making a viral video by following these steps.

How To Get Viewers on TikTok

Create disruptive Content and share it on other social media platforms as well, you can make two-part series in order to get more viewers on your TikTok. However, your first part of the video must end with a hook or curiosity, this way you will get many viewers on your TikTok profile.

Pro tip: as you receive comments under your videos, wait for at least 10 minutes to reply to each comment. This trick will actually push your viewer to see your reply and they will click the notification and it will lead them to reply to your video, and you end up earning an extra view 🙂

You can learn step by step how to create disruptive content here without followers.

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