Why can’t I add someone on Snapchat

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why can't i add someone on snapchat

If you can’t add someone on Snapchat, it is because they have blocked you, or your Snapchat app has some issue with the connection.

In case you are confident that the person never blocked you and Snapchat is not letting you add someone then follow the below steps to resolve this issue.

How To Solve “Can’t Add Someone On Snapchat”?

The possible reason is with the Snapchat app or their server. In addition to that, it is possible that your mobile phone is causing this trouble as you have already checked that you are not blocked by other Snapchat user.

Apply the following solutions one by one: To fix can t add people on Snapchat.

1. Restart Your Mobile

Restarting your mobile may sound stupid, but it is some of the effective ways to bugs on your phone, After restarting, try to add that person, and make sure your internet connection is very stable and you are not away from Wifi.

Snapchat is a data-heavy app, and it requires stable internet. If no luck then try following solution.

2. Clear Snapchat Cache

Errors such as not being able to add someone on Snapchat can arise because of old cache data.

It’s possible that clearing up your cache will allow you to fix the problem that says you can’t add someone on Snapchat.

Launch the application manager on your phone and select “Clean Cache” from the menu.

On iPhone, you will need to remove the Snapchat data from the storage on your iPhone.

After that try to add the user. If there is no luck then the possible reason is your app is not up to date or Snapchat is not fully downloaded. Apply the following solution.

3. Delete Snapchat from your device, and then reinstall it.

Your next step should be to remove Snapchat from your smartphone and then reinstall it after performing a fresh download.

Uninstalling a program and then reinstalling it helps fix a lot of problems because the new version that is downloaded is the most rthe ecent one and it is bug-free.

latest installation will require you to sign in again, and if Snapchat still doesn’t let you add that person then check Snapchat’s server status in your area.

4. Check Snapchat Status

It is likely that the servers used by Snapchat are now experiencing technical difficulties, which would result in the “add person” option of your Snapchat account being disabled.

You can perform a check on the server with the assistance of websites like down detectors.

Why can't I add someone on Snapchat

If the graphs on detectors showing huge spikes, then the application is experiencing some kind of issue.

Only wait and see can resolve this issue.

5. Contact Snapchat’s customer support to resolve the issue.

When none of the solutions to the problem of being unable to add someone on Snapchat work, you will need to contact the customer care team for Snapchat.

It is easy, Select “I need help with a Snapchat feature” > “Friends” > “Adding, deleting, or blocking friends”.

You will reach to following form:

why i can't add someone on snapchat

This will make it possible for them to assist you in the event that there is an issue related to your account.

In addition, the remedy that customer care for Snapchat provides will provide assurance that the issue will be resolved.

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Following are some of the relevant answers to this posts

Is it possible to re-add a person on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the answer is yes, you are able to re-add a user that you previously had removed from your, To re-add on Snapchat, you will need to search for them in the “add friends” search field and then request to add.

On Snapchat, are you able to add someone even if they have blocked you?

No, if someone has blocked you on Snapchat, you will not be able to add that person. When another user bans you on Snapchat, they disappear from your feed completely.

Because of Snapchat’s blocking feature, the person who is being blocked is unable to communicate with the person they are being blocked from within the app.

Is it possible to add someone on Snapchat without them being aware of it?

Unfortunately, there is no way to add someone on Snapchat without them being aware of it. Because of this limitation, adding a person without being noticed on Snapchat is not an option.

Can I add someone on Snapchat by their phone number?

It is possible to add someone on Snapchat by just entering their phone number. Open up your Snapchat app and select the “add friends” within the add friends section, you will need to click on the phone book icon.

When you open up your contacts, you will be able to view all of the people who are currently using Snapchat.

Locate your friend and add him.

In Conclusion

You can’t add someone on Snapchat if they have blocked you, the purpose of the feature is to prevent any further communication.

Once you are sure there is no blocking, then apply the above solutions such as restarting your mobile phone and determining whether or not the Snapchat server is indeed down for the bulk of its users.

Contact Snapchat support, they will be able to assist you if there is a problem that is uniquely associated with your account.

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