Why Discord is better than Skype

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why discord is better than skype

Why Discord is better than Skype? It is because of amazing sound quality, the Discord and skype both offer voice communication, but Skype keeps the communication line constant, whereas, Discord only transmits the audio to the end-user when the User is speaking.

Hence, you end up getting much cleaner sound on Discord. Though, skype has its own features.

There are more comparisons to do when it comes to picking Discord over Skype.

Safety Features Offered By Discord

Users of Discord have access to DDoS protection as well as IP address protection, giving them complete client-to-server security.
On the other side, Skype’s security was scored badly, but the company has since enhanced its protections and now hides users’ IP addresses.

Option Of Having Conference Calls

When it comes to making group calls, Skype triumphs over Discord as the superior and more generally used alternative due to its widespread availability.
Users of Skype can conduct audio and video calls with as many as 25 individuals at the same time in a group call using the program.
Discord, on the other hand, places a cap of ten on the number of people who can participate in a group call at once.
In addition, users of Skype are able to make calls to other phone numbers, including landlines, but users of Discord are only able to make calls to other Discord users.
When compared to other options, Skype emerges as a clear winner when it comes to conference calls.

Comparison Table of Discord & Skype

Skype ProsSkype ConsDiscord ProsDiscord Cons
Video callsGamersVideo calls
Group callsDrop-in callsGroup calls
Simple chattingCustomizationAdvance Chatting
BusinessPoor Spam ControlGamersNot Good For Business
PopularityAdding friendsDrop-in calls
Adding friends
Multiple platforms

Feature of Sharing Your Screen

Screen sharing has become an increasingly important tool for improving professional communication in this day and age when more and more people are working remotely.

In this aspect, the screen-sharing experiences provided by Discord and Skype are comparable in quality.
Users of Skype may share their screens even when they are in the middle of an audio chat, and doing so is really simple; all it takes to get the screen-sharing feature going is a single click.

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In addition to that, it gives users the ability to quickly capture a screenshot.
In comparison, the screen-sharing options provided by Discord are both more comprehensive and fully adjustable.

Additionally, there are more capabilities available for users to take advantage of, such as fragmented sharing for individuals who do not wish to share their complete screen.
Comparing the two, Discord has more customization options, whereas Skype has fewer capabilities overall but is more dependable and user-friendly.
As a result of this, Discord has a marginal advantage over Skype due to the fact that its features are more customizable.

The Option of Private Calls

Private calls can be made using the platforms Discord and Skype respectively.
During personal conversations, they each employ a unique approach.
But in this case, you have to choose the option that best meets your requirements.

Skype allows users to make calls to one another or to smaller groups (it can be audio or video).
In addition to that, it enables private calls to be placed on both landlines and mobile phones.

This kind of feature to call someone outside of the app is not available in Discord.

When you compare both services based on any kind of security and privacy concerns that are really deep, however, it utterly smashes Skype because it was created from the ground up for private calls.

Call Recording Options

Skype has a significant advantage over Discord in this regard due to the fact that Discord does not include a built-in capability or option for capturing audio or video communications.
On the other hand, users are unable to record calls when using Discord, but Skype users have the option to record both video and audio calls.
It is important to note that the call recording tool in Skype is a relatively new addition. This feature was added in response to many customer concerns about the absence of any option to record calls.
On Skype, it is also pretty easy to do so; simply click on the “+” icon and select “Start Recording” from the menu that appears.
This method is applicable to using Skype on a desktop computer as well as on a mobile device.
However, there is a solution to the problems that call recording presents for Discord users, so they do not need to lose hope:
They are able to record calls by installing third-party applications; nevertheless, there have been debates surrounding data breaches that have occurred through the use of third-party applications, therefore we would advise exercising extreme caution.

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The Sharing of Files

Both Discord and Skype enable their users to share numerous files with an endless number of other users; however, the volume of files that may be shared appears to be different between the two services.
This limit is restricted to files no larger than 300 megabytes for Skype users.

If the volume of the file surpasses this restriction, the users will be transferred to their OneDrive accounts, where they can share the file with an unlimited number of other users.

When compared to Skype, Discord’s file volume restriction is variable, and it depends on whether the user is using the free version or the Nitro version.

The maximum file size allowed for free users is a somewhat unimpressive 8 megabytes, while the limit for Nitro users is an enormous 50 megabytes.

Because a monthly subscription to Nitro costs $4.99, the clear winner in this category is Skype because it does not require a payment of any kind to use the service.

When all aspects are taken into account, the free version of Discord has some restrictions, and users who want to upload images or videos will need to upgrade to the paid version, which is called Discord Nitro.
Nevertheless, Discord users have access to a variety of third-party cloud storage solutions.

These storage solutions necessitate the use of bots in order to generate shortcuts when the sharing limit is exceeded, which can be a pretty laborious process.
It would appear that Skype is in the lead when it comes to filing sharing.

By the way, it is not Discord which is taking over Skype, In-fact Microsoft is bringing in a new app.

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Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s new version of Skype

As Skype was acquired by Microsoft, however, Microsoft’s Teams is the fastest application in organizations.

Teams offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as is voice over the public switched telephone network (PSTN), calling between individuals or broadcasting to thousands of users simultaneously.

It is possible to make or receive calls using a personal computer, mobile phone, tablet, skype handset, a professional phone like Polycom, or conference equipment.

Calls can be recorded and made available as an audio stream after the call has concluded, and they can also contain a conference bridge that allows third parties to dial into the call.

An artificial intelligence system at Microsoft will transcribe the audio stream, and that transcription will be connected to the audio.

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Final Thoughts on Discord is Better than Skype

Have you ever given any attention to the question about the presence of different applications for communicating?
The primary reason is based on how things are used and the preferences of the users.
Every day, a huge number of new platforms appear, only to vanish shortly thereafter as a result of decreased user acquisition.

Skype was first made available in 2004, while Discord has only been around for a short while.
2011 was the year that Discord was released to the public.

The competition between these platforms has been fueled by the rapid growth of the platforms themselves.

Then you ask your self following:

  • So which option should you go with?
  • Which one should you choose to use as your primary mode of transportation?

Because I use both platforms on a daily basis for various work and entertainment-related activities, I will explain today why I find Discord to be superior to Skype in terms of its usability and the capabilities it offers.

Comparative characteristics of Skype & Discord

Both Discord and Skype provide users with the ability to phone and talk with one another.
They each do it in their own unique manner.
Although they share a common goal of satisfying public requirements, each organization has a distinct set of customers in mind.
They are distinct from one another in numerous ways, including age, career, and many more.

Therefore, there are a lot of parallels to be found in the manner that which they operate the system.

There are moments when Discord may appear to be just another program that took inspiration from its older sibling, Skype.
However, given that they are both merely communication apps, they have many characteristics in common with one another.

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