Why is Addison Rae Famous

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why is addison rae famous

Addison Rae’s posted her first video around July 2019. It was actually of herself with her dad. She recorded this video using a trending song back then – If I Smile with my teeth.

Addison Rae got her fame through the short-format video app TikTok. Initially, she recorded lip-sync videos on trendy songs and kept on posting for a few months. However, it was not the lip-syn that made her famous on TikTok, her dance performances and moves were the big factors in gaining her a huge following on TikTok.

In addition to her TikTok success, Addison has also pursued other business ventures and partnerships, including fashion and beauty collaborations, brand deals, and an appearance in the 2020 film “He’s All That”.

How Addison Started her TikTok Journey

The first TikTok post on her page is with her friends with a cowgirl hat on and singing a country song, somewhere between August and September 2019, and it gained her decent following.

In late Sept of 2019, she became consistent with TikTok and it was for fun only. Though, when she hit a million followers, she realized she could open up a lot of doors of opportunities. 

She dropped out of college the same year in November, and since then she is a regular on TikTok. 


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The NBA Performance

Addison met with a few friends and posted a dance video on TikTok around February of 2020 while she was at NBA all-star game.

People started noticing her outside of just TikTok and started being interested. This flood of people outside of the platform gave an extra boost to her following on TikTok.

She also started doing a lot of videos with her entire family including her little brother, her mom, and her brother. She and her family started a Youtube channel too.

Challenged TikTok Post

She did one video of the song WAP. That was really interesting. Initially, she did not expect it to get many views. It was trending back then and her mom also did that too. Interestingly enough, her mom’s videos got more views back then.

Later on, she did her debut song in march 2021, by the name of obsessed.

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Teaching TikTok Dance Moves to Kardashian

Addison got to the point where she was invited to Hayu by Kardashians. Addison was found to be demonstrating how to dance and explaining various moves.

She’s got experience all across the board whether it’s in dancing, modeling, or cheerleading her combination of interests is that sweet spot to get successful on a short format video app and become a massive influencer all across the board.

Addison’s rise to success was faster than any social media star, it is because of her endearing personality vibrant dance moves, and her southern charm, not arrogant or assertive humble is how we would like to define her.

Addison is not in the music industry but because of her star power the music industry needs her. she receives direct messages from all kinds of musicians and artists releasing their latest hits like the artist randomly DM her.

addison rae tiktok

1. Addison Rae’s Net Work

According to Forbes 2020, Addison managed to get well over $5 million through TikTok.

2. Addison Rae’s Age

Addison Rae is currently 20 years old, but soon on the 6th of October which is her birthday, she will be adding another year.

3. Addison Rae’s Height

She is 5 feet and 6 inches or 167 cm in height.

What is the Conclusion?

Overall, Addison’s popularity can be attributed to her creativity, her energetic personality, and her ability to connect with her audience, making her one of the most well-known TikTok stars of our time.

Addison’s success on TikTok demonstrates that you need to be consistent on the platform and have a particular niche to create content about. You can choose any niche, it can be your profession or your hobby to get famous on TikTok by applying the following Tips;

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