Why is My Video not Getting Views on TikTok

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why is my tiktok not getting views

If you are on Tik Tok and making TikTok videos, but you are not getting any views then there must be a reason behind it. It can be anything against the policy guideline or a blacklisted device. So, let’s find out them and eliminate them one by one:

Why is My TikTok not Getting Views?

One of the common reasons your TikTok video is getting 0 views is going against community guidelines, or your video is boring that people don’t find it interesting enough to watch it for a few seconds, hence leading to poor engagement.

Here are step-by-step methods to evaluate and remove all the mistakes. 

1. In Appropriate Video on TikTok

why my video not getting views on tiktok

Your Videos Are Inappropriate: 

It’s obviously true, if your recordings have any trace of hate or violence-related terms in them, they won’t be accessible to view to the people(users) on TikTok, and you may wind up having zero views on them! TikTok can even erase your profile for posting such a video.

Carefully consider your content material before publishing. One way is to save your video in the draft and watch it yourself.

Many people go to the extreme to gain popularity, but the approach doesn’t work in long run.

2. Official Errors on TikTok

When TikTok is going through an error fix then you can’t do anything about your video, wait till it gets fixed. You can checkout any official bug fixing updates here https://downdetector.com/status/tiktok/

why i am not getting views on tiktok

3. Relevancy to the Audience on TikTok

The first and most important factor that TikTok uses to distinguish good videos from bad ones is the completion rate.

Ask yourself a question, are you producing such videos that your targeted audience can somehow relate to them? Do your videos contain any of the following qualities?

  • Education 
  • Entertainment 
  • Engagement 
  • Emotion.

If you consider adding the above qualities to your video, then every single video can perform better. It is your choice which quality type you want to add to your video, let’s understand why it will work:

  1. Education

Education, basically, it means delivering massive value. If you have something that is your expertise. Such as baking cakes, editing videos, and creating something that helps others in any shape or form then it will definitely perform well. Do add some value to your videos, you will definitely see positive growth, people appreciate it when you provide value.

TikTok users have variety, so don’t think educational content would not work

  1. Entertainment

Ok, don’t just make a video clip that only you or your family friends find funny.

TikTok videos and views

Before you publish that funny video, think about the target audience, like, which hashtag you are going to use? Do you see similar content on TikTok? IF yes, then make it better, add some of your own creativity in it, and do not just copy and paste.

Because, what happens is, people, get tired of watching similar stuff over and over again, and they swipe up before your video finishes, which means you will end up losing audience retention on that particular video.

Low audience retention videos are not promoted by the TikTok algorithm. It is very similar to the youtube algorithm, where videos with high retention tend to rank better.

  1. Engagement 

This is huge you want people to have a reason to comment to like and share. High engagement is the difference between viral video and normal video with 5m to 100m, or 5k to 100k views. One pro tip to gain high audience engagement is by asking the questions.

Start with what if I do this instead of this, or maybe some controversial statement(text on video) like Justin Bieber is better than Kanye west, and display Justin’s picture in the background while playing the Kanye song.

Such tactics skyrocket your engagement, and TikTok users will do comments under your videos and ultimately you end up getting the tone of views.

  1. Emotions

Can you ignite emotions, such as making a clip about a pet or an act of kindness that you don’t see every day? 

If you are into sports and you are sharing content about a certain community, can you relate your message in the video to those hardcore fans?

It is another way of getting people to stick to your video, you need to find and create content about something relatable to certain communities. Fan’s of the certain football club, certain movies, certain TV series, etc.

Why is My TikTok not Getting Views?

4. Completion Rate on TikTok

The one thing that I would advise and you only that thing in your video. it would be the completion rate. This is the main difference between a successful video and poor performing video on Tiktok with few views.

The following factors count toward viral video

  • Completion Rate, how many people watched your video from start to end.
  • Interaction with Video, how many likes did you get.
  • Comments, the more comments the more it gets pushed by TikTok.

How can you get people to watch a complete video

  • Make your content based on-trend.
  • Start with a hook, the hook should be between 1-2 seconds.
  • Have a story in it, not just random moves on the song.


  • Post a video well planned not just a random post to complete the count.
  • Keep videos duration near or below 20 seconds.
  • Creating a disruptive video, and disruptive content works great without followers.
  • Analyze Viral Videos.

5. Harmful Content on TikTok

my tiktok is not getting views

This is my personal experience, I posted a video that did not get any views in the first few hours, and after 24 hours it went through manual reviews and never got any views.

So, I knew that there was something that had gotten flagged in that video. It wasn’t some things that TikTok wanted to see.

So, I went back and looked at my text on-screen, I had the word killed in my text on the screen in that particular video so that flagged my video on TikTok. 

If you are using words that are considered off-limits like mental health, certain swear words, or dangerous content, trolling others or you’re putting out content that is very triggering to some people such as eating disorders or breastfeeding.

All of those videos can be considered triggering and eventually end up getting 0 views

6. Your Account is New on TikTok

TikTok confines the movement of any new profile to avoid spam and bot types of activities, hence it will restrict in the first 24hours. 

In case you are asking why your clips are getting zero results, it is mainly because of the brand new account.

7. Your Initial Videos Couldn’t Perform Well 

After you have done 24 hours, and you have posted several videos on TikTok but still not getting any views? 

Check your past 5 TikTok videos, see how was the engagement and completion rate, and did people watch the full video? Did the video get any shares? 

If you find all your past videos had poor results, then your next video will not be treated very well unless you make it way better. Wait for 24hours then post any other content, do not spam.

TikTok views

8. You Use Multiple TikTok Accounts On Your Phone 

In any case, you are utilizing more than one TikTok account on your same mobile phone, the activities of one record can influence the other one too. 

For instance, in the event that one of your TikTok accounts is punished for any bad behaviors, the other profile associated with your telephone will be affected by it. 

Therefore, keep your one profile on TikTok on your phone.

9. Realistic Evaluation of Video

This is a little bit harsh to hear but every single one of the videos that you put out on Tik Tok should provide something, as stated above under point No.3.

Take a step back, and record your videos and then step away from them let them sit in your drafts. 

Ask yourself a few questions, Can I laugh or cry after this video? is it so relatable to anything in any community? 

Share your clips in private with your friends on Facebook, and see how they respond back.

Is there any audience that it can be related to?

You will start to realize when you are in normal mode that the video will not make any sense to you, such video will not perform.

Get Views on TikTok Fast

How Do I Get More Views on TikTok

To get more views on TikTok, you need to make TikTok videos starting with a hook, and add some transition in the middle to keep your content interesting enough til the end. This way people will spend more time on your video and your TikTok video will get high audience retention which will trigger the TikTok algorithm to push your video to more people.

I have created this step by step guide to get more views, follow these steps.

How Long Does it Take for TikTok Video to start Getting Views

Your TikTok will not take longer than 30minutes to get views, however, if you have posted 2 hours before and you are unable to get any views it can under review due to various reasons.

You need to avoid those fatal issues for the health of your account and to avoid TikTok’s permanent ban in the future. Here are some fo the things you can do to avoid 0 views on your TikTok videos and not get banned.

What is the Best Time to Post on TikTok

The best time to post on TikTok is according to your country, follow your local time zone and post three videos in a day, starting from morning 9am to 11am, 1pm to 3pm, and then 4pm to 8pm. However, this will not be perfect to apply if you want to increase your followers, to gain followers plus views, follow this best time to post on TikTok guide.

How long does it Take for a TikTok to go viral?

It can take around 2 to 12 hours for TikTok’s algorithm to decide your video quality based on various factors, such as retention, engagement and shares. But, in a nutshell, if you can get great views in the first few hours and the views kept on increasing for the next 12 hours then you have a viral video.

With the help of these steps, you can make your video go viral on TikTok.

Last Thing to do

Make a new TikTok account, change your mobile No. If you can’t get a new mobile, try using your sister’s or mom’s phone. Make Clips and wait for 24-48 hours.

Also, are you uploading TikTok videos regularly? How many videos did you upload in the last 5 days on TikTok? only 2-3? This is another reason that TikTok creators ignore. Being active on TikTok can be helpful for your account, as it increases the chance of getting viral on the platform, and you end up getting followers too.

If nothing working then you are posting content that there is no audience on the TikTok platform to watch or TikTok has doesn’t approve any such content that you are posting.

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