Why is Sound not Working on Instagram

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why is sound not working on Instagram

In this post you will learn:

  • Why is sound not working on Instagram?
  • How to Fix the sound not working on Instagram?

Some Instagram users will experience an issue in which their sound does not work, despite the fact that they have tried to adjust the volume using the volume buttons, tapped the speaker icon that was crossed off, and opened the video. This predicament can be quite aggravating because it hinders you from taking pleasure in the information that appears on your Instagram feed.

The majority of instances of this problem can be resolved easily. If you are having issues with the sound not working on Instagram, let’s take a look at the steps you can do to fix it so you can get back to using Instagram.

Some of the posts on Instagram do not show sound, the maker shows up the ” Video Has No Sound” marker will be located at bottom of the screen.

Turn on Instagram stories-sound

How to Fix Sound Not Working on Instagram

 Make sure your ringer is on. When your device is in mute or vibrating mode, the sound can’t play on the platform. So turning on the ringer is vital.

Let’s start with simple steps first to resolve this sound issue.

If you have issues with Instagram reels sound apply these solutions.

Step 1. Restart Your Phone

Rebooting your device is typically all that is required to reload any processes that were not functioning as expected. It’s possible that doing this will fix the problems with your audio.

Restarting your smartphone will clear up any bugs or garbage files that might be preventing sound from playing, which will allow you to determine if this is the problem.

Why is Sound not Working on Instagram

iPhone: To access the Power slider on an iPhone X or later model, press and hold the Side button in addition to one of the volume rockers until the Power slider appears. Slide the power switch to the off position to turn off the phone, then press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo displays, at which point you can let go of the button.

Android: To reboot or restart an Android device, you must first press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the power choices menu appears, and then select the appropriate option. It’s possible that in order to restart your Android phone, you’ll need to hold down both the volume button and the power button at the same time.

Step 2. Ensure that your Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are operational by testing them.

Even if you aren’t wearing your headphones or earbuds, the fact that you aren’t receiving any sound on Instagram could be due to your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. For instance, if the “Automatic Ear Detection” setting on your Apple AirPods is turned off, the sound will still go to the earbuds as long as they are associated with your iPhone. This is the case regardless of whether the earbuds are in your ear or not.

The same thing can happen with your previously paired wireless speakers, It could be that the volume on the speaker is turned down, that you forgot to unpair it from your smartphone, or that the sound is being diverted to another device.

Here is the Fix:

You can disconnect a paired speaker or set of headphones by going into the Settings > Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and toggling it off.

Why is Sound not Working on Instagram

Step 3. Update Instagram App

Instagram is constantly putting out new versions with improved features and bug fixes, which are designed to fix a wide variety of issues within the program. In the past, a significant number of customers complained about difficulties playing music on stories or playing sound overall. Because of the current circumstances, you need to check to see whether there is an update.

Why is Sound not Working on Instagram

You can discover Instagram by launching the App Store or Play Store, navigating to the Updates or My Apps & Games section, and then swiping through the list.

If you click the Update icon that’s located next to the app, Instagram will check to make sure that you have the most recent version loaded.

Step 4. Don’t forget to Update iOS/Android OS

When utilizing a variety of apps, including Instagram, you can experience difficulties if the Os if your mobile is old.

The following is a brief instruction for updating the software on your iOS or Android device.

Before you update, make sure your mobile is fully charged.

iOs Update Instructions:

Open the Settings app, pick General from the menu, and then click Software Update.

After you have tapped on Download and install, you will need to wait a few minutes while the iPhone does its thing. There is a possibility that you will be asked to verify that you wish to install the software. In this scenario, select Install or OK from the pop-up window’s menu options.

Android Update Instructions:

Go to Settings > System menu, then choose About phone from there.

You should check for a Software update rather than a System update if you have a Samsung Galaxy device. On Pixel smartphones, you will need to tap Advances rather than About phone in order to access the device settings. In either case, you should have no trouble locating the option to download and install the software.

Step 5. Get to see if Instagram is Down at the moment

Check if the Instagram server is not up and running on downdetector.

Why is Sound not Working on Instagram

This step will shorten the amount of time you spend troubleshooting, you will get to know if people are experiencing the same problem as you are. You have the option of either reporting the issue to Instagram or waiting it out until it is resolved. If this is not the case, you can either continue debugging or report the issue to Instagram.

Step 6. Check your Mobile Phone

Has your smartphone been exposed to fluids during the last few days? Did you drop it? If you answered yes to either of these questions, there may be a problem with the hardware of your phone that prohibits it from playing sound.

To ensure that everything is working properly, make sure the volume is turned all the way up before trying to play sound using other applications like YouTube. It is hoped that the sound from the speakers that are built within the device would be audible to you.

If this does not work, you might try cleaning your speakers using a toothbrush. In the event that this does not solve the problem, you might have to take your phone to a repair shop to get the speakers replaced.

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Step 7. iOS 13 bug Impacts Instagram

After upgrading to iOS 13, a number of customers encountered problems with the audio on their Instagram posts. This problem can be easily fixed, regardless of whether it simply isn’t playing as you browse or whether you are unable to capture any audio at all.

To correct this issue with the update, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to settings > Tap on Instagram
  • Turn off the microphone.
  • Once again, launch the Instagram app and select the camera icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the button once more to turn on Instagram’s camera as well as its microphone.
Why is Sound not Working on Instagram

8. Empty the cache on Instagram.

Step 8: Clear Instagram Cache

It’s possible that clearing the Instagram app will fix the issue. This effectively deletes all of the data that has been saved, making it functionally equivalent to resetting an application. You always have the option to uninstall the application from your phone and then reinstall it, however, clearing the cache is an easy approach that you can try first:

Android Steps:

  • Go to settings > Apps > Instagram.
  • Select the Storage option.
  • Click the Clear Cache button.
Audio not working Clear Instagram Cache

Following the procedures outlined above will not result in any of your app-stored information being lost, but after the Cache has been cleared, you will likely be required to log in again.

iPhone Steps:

Unfortunately, in order to clear the Cache, iPhone users will need to remove the application.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your iPhone, and then select the General option.
  • Select Storage from the menu, then scroll down until you find the Instagram app and select it.
  • Then, tap on Delete App. You will be required to validate the deletion.

After you have completed the steps in the previous section, you can then return to the App Store in order to reinstall the application.

Make sure that you have the password for your iCloud account in order to download, as well as the login information for Instagram.

Step 9. Turn Off Power-Saving Mode

Turning off your device’s power-saving mode can also help to deal with the Instagram video sound not working problem. The device on the power saving mode is unable to perform all the functions appropriately. Using Instagram in power-saving mode can cause an issue of no sound Instagram. So all you have to do is to turn off the power-saving mode.

Follow the below steps to disable power saving.

  • Select the options of Apps from the main menu.
  • In this list of options, select Settings.
  • Check for the Power saving Option in the settings menu bar.
  • Disable the power saving by swiping the button.

Step 10. The Sound is not available in your country

Some songs might not be available to stream in your country. If someone watched a UFC event in person and posted an Instagram story featuring his favorite fighter and UFS tune. Now, this music might not be licensed to stream in your region. That’s why Instagram has no choice but to mute the story to avoid any legal troubles. There is a workaround.

You can use a VPN service, connect to one of the region servers where it’s legal to stream such music, and try watching the Instagram story without any issue.

Step 11. Turn off Silent Mode

This is quite basic but still important to check. If you have enabled silent mode on your iPhone or Android, you won’t hear a word in Instagram stories.

iPhone users can find the mute switch on the left side and go back to the Ringer profile. Android users need to long-press the power button to switch between vibrate, silent, and normal profiles on the phone.

Step 12. Make Sure You Check the Settings on Your Phone.

Last but not least, there is one more thing that you may check, and that is your Sounds. When it comes to sound distribution on your phone, the iOS and Android operating systems each have their own unique settings. It is likely that you have already tried increasing the volume level, however, it is possible your audio is connected to some device via Bluetooth.

You can find the sounds on your phone by going to the Settings menu, then typing “Sounds” into the search box (iOS users need to open Settings and scroll down slightly for this box to appear).

After you have brought up the options, go through each of the ones that are relevant to your situation. For instance, the Accessibility feature present in both operating systems has the potential to muck with your sound. Check to see that each sound effect is activated.

The next step is to either slide the bar to the midway position to use both speakers or attempt switching from the right speaker to the left speaker. If you have a friend in the area who isn’t experiencing the problem, take a check at their Settings and make sure that yours are updated to match.

What Are the Reasons That Instagram Videos Have No Sound?

Let’s get familiar with the hidden causes of Instagram videos having no sound after they’ve been uploaded before we go on to the appropriate method for fixing the problem of no sound on Instagram. Regarding the application itself, Instagram has a setting that allows users to prevent the sound from being played automatically by default. Instead, a speaker icon may be found at the very bottom right corner of each and every piece of motion content (video).

Now, if the user clicks on the icon, the sound will play along with the video, and if the icon is not clicked, the icon will carry a small cross symbol indicating that you are playing a video on mute mode. If the icon is not clicked, the sound will play along with the video only if the user clicks on the icon. Second, if you tap on the video, the sound will play as well; alternatively, you can adjust the volume of the sound by using the button on your device designated for that purpose.

There are some Insta videos that do not have any kind of sound. In this particular instance, a text bearing the symbol of a cross is displayed on the speaker icon located in the far lower right corner of the screen. The following message would be displayed: “This clip does not have any sound.

What does Forward Mean on Instagram

Why is audio unavailable on Instagram stories?

As a result of your location and the content’s license restrictions, you reside in one of the several nations that cannot currently enjoy the audio components of the Story. So, Instagram just simply mutes it automatically to avoid legal troubles.

On Instagram, how do you mute and unmute someone?

Tap and hold the profile picture of the person whose story you want to silence at the top of the stream.
After choosing Mute, tap the Story option.
To access their profile, press their username from a post in your Feed or tap and type it into the search bar.

How to Turn on and Turn off Sound on Instagram Stories

As you watch a video in your Instagram feed, you can tap to activate the sound or tap to disable it.
To toggle the sound on or off for reels, tap anywhere on the playing video.
While a video is playing, you can also activate the sound by pushing the volume controls on your phone

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