Why is there no sound on Instagram Reels

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why is there no sound on Instagram

If there is no sound on Instagram reels, check if you have recently updated your iOs, this problem is common with iOs upgrades.

After the iOS 15 upgrade, many users are experiencing they are unable to hear sound in Instagram Stories & reels a possible bug on iOs or Insta App.

Check to see if your mobile is on silent mode or if the volume is low.

If you see there is nothing wrong then try the following simple solutions first:

1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Instagram app.

2. Exit the application and start it again.

3. Restart Your mobile and open Instagram app, check this time if you are able to hear sound.

If nothing fixed the issue apply the following solutions:

1. Delete the cache from the Instagram app.

In many cases, clearing the cache is a helpful technique to fix app faults, such as the absence of sound in videos shared on Instagram Reel, Stories, Live, call, IGTV, and other platforms. To clear your cache on Instagram:

Go to the settings menu on your Android device, then pick Apps or Application Manager, search for Instagram, and then press on Storage before selecting Clear Cache from the menu that appears.

To delete Instagram from your iPhone, navigate to the settings menu, pick General, then hit the Storage tab, search for Instagram, and tap the Delete button. After that, you will need to return to the App Store in order to reinstall Instagram on your device.

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2. Ensure Bluetooth Headphones or Earbuds Are Working Properly

Check whether you have any Bluetooth headphones plugged into your phone. In the event that you viewed certain videos on Instagram with headphones plugged in and then subsequently watched other videos on Instagram without headphones, there is a possibility that there will be no sound.

Make sure that any paired speakers or headphones are disconnected before continuing.

3. Make Sure When Ringer is On

It is possible that the settings were altered as a result of the Instagram update.
By selecting “while the ringer is on,” some users have been able to fix the Instagram video no sound/music problems.

Here is the solution Open the Instagram app, Go to your profile, pick Settings from the menu that appears in the top right corner, scroll down until you reach the video settings, click Sound, and check the box next to “When Ringer is On.”

4. Reenable Access to the Microphone and Camera

First things first, you have to close the Instagram app. Then, navigate to the Settings app on your phone, open the Instagram settings, and disable access to your camera and microphone.

Simply restart the Instagram app and then click the camera icon in the top left corner to re-enable access to your microphone and camera. This time you should be able to play videos with sound on Instagram. Even if your phone is set to silent mode, it will still work properly.

5. Enable Instagram and allow all autoplay videos to be watched

If the video you posted to Instagram on your iPhone does not have any audio, you can fix this by going to the Safari menu bar and selecting Preferences > Websites > Autoplay. Here, check to see if you have Instagram set to Never auto-play media. (If Instagram is not in the preferences settings, open Instagram on Safari or Mac and choose Safari > Settings for this particular site.) If Instagram is not in the preferences settings, open Instagram on Safari or Mac. The video may play on the feed on Instagram even if Never auto play is selected as the option for Instagram, but there will be no sound. Simply click it, then select “Allow All Auto-Play” from the drop-down menu. After that, the audio should start playing.

On iPhone go to the Safari menubar > Preferences > Websites > Autoplay.

6. Remove Instagram & Reinstall it Again

You can either long-press the application’s icon to see the remove or uninstall option, or you can go to the PlayStore or Apple App store and uninstall the app there. Restart your phone and then reinstall the software after the removal process is finished.

This will give the application a fresh start and get rid of all the corrupt files that were stored from the previous version as well as the no Audio Instagram reels issue.

7. Adjust Sound Settings

Check to see that the sound settings on your phone are configured correctly. Navigate to the Settings menu on your Android device, scroll down until you reach Sounds and Vibrations, and then choose Sound from the three available sound profiles.

To change the volume on your iPhone, navigate to Settings, then choose Sound, and then drag the slider at the bottom of the screen. After doing so, revisit Instagram to determine whether or not the issue with the video having no sound has been resolved.

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