Why is TikTok so Addictive

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why tiktok is so addictive

I had the same question when I started using TikTok, I completely ignored it initially, and started swiping up, and watched few videos but got busy with my work.

TikTok is Addictive because of TikTok’s algorithm-driven content discovery system, which shows users a continuous stream of videos sweet and small videos that are likely to be interesting and engaging to them. This keeps users engaged with the platform for longer periods of time as they continue to discover new and interesting content.

TikTok’s algorithm quickly grabs your interest based on your recently watched videos, it mainly captures your reaction and interaction with video and then serves you the content specifically as per your interest. However, it is not the only reason you are addicted to this app.

After a while, I opened TikTok again and watched one video, then I watched the next one, and then next, on and on. When I got off the app, 30 minutes of time was already gone.

I was completely hooked with TikTok, it was shocking to see how time flies, It had been this way for a couple of weeks and TikTok became my go-to app. Whenever I was not working I was on TikTok.

One day, I started reading about addiction and social media, turns out the gambling industry and social media platforms both use the same technique, but TikTok is one step ahead in this whole technology game. and I have managed to compile all my knowledge here.

why is tiktok so addictive

Can TikTok become an addiction?

TikTok is purely using AI for success, meaning when you use TikTok and watch complete videos for some time, the app’s algorithm will learn your interest immediately and start serving you videos that you like, plus the full screen is covered by video. Therefore, you do not get any distractions, and your main focus remains on watching the next interesting video.

There are some other unique factors about TikTok that actually make you obsessed with the app as follows. 

1.Short & Sweet Videos

TikTok’s main focus is to serve you short and sweet videos. Just like every other platform they want to keep you on their App for a longer period of time to generate revenue by serving the ads.

However, the platforms like youtube or Facebook are long video formats. Longer videos tend to be not full of fun or full of action. whereas, in 15 seconds on TikTok, you get full entertainment and fun without watching long and lengthy videos for 7-8 minutes.

why tiktok is addictive

2. Specially Tailored Videos via For You Page

The First thing that pops up on TikTok is For You Page, which contains specially tailored videos of 15 seconds, according to your interest with unlimited scroll. Whereas, Facebook focuses on the news feed from the people you have liked, So is from youtube which serves you videos of your subscribed channels first. 

What is the difference between For You Page and other media’s Newsfeed? Well, basically the concept is the same, but the TikTok method of serving video is way effective.

How? On other social media platforms, your news feed mainly contains the people you follow. However, TikTok for you page shows your videos of your interest irrespective of who you follow.


Book Week costumes made super easy 😉##bookclub ##bookweek

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

As soon as you download and interact or watch few videos on TikTok, the powerful AI behind the App captures your interest, refines, and tailors the next videos as per your interest.

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3. The Trend is their Friend On Tik Tok

You remain up to date with the latest trends out there in the market, whether it is a song, a meme, or a news story you will get it on TikTok.

If there is a new song getting popular, a lot of Tiktokers will jump on it and make their own flavor with lip-sync clips.

When it comes to memes they are usually static pictures or some gif files on other social media.

How about someone performs the funny joke in a video clip with funny music and editing? I am sure you will watch and enjoy it more.

4. Un Distracted Entertainment

addictive is tiktok why

As soon as you download the app and open it, the video starts playing. Simple and focused screen, full height, and width. The only video, no sidebar or bottom bar distraction.

Also, you don’t need to follow or search a page. The entertainment starts without putting in any effort.

It quickly personalizes your video stream, based on your reaction. such as, how long did you watch a clip, what did you react to.

The A.I does a tremendous job.

5. Physiological Reinforcement

Some big social media platforms already use this trick, when you see a post that is relatable to you and you liked it, you get a dopamine hit. They serve you content similar to the one you liked or have fully watched it before.

The TikTok’s video loop keeps on going until you check your time when it is already 1 hour gone :).

It is similar to casino addiction in gambling. If you gamble and win something your brain releases dopamine, even if it is a small amount, you will keep on doing it because it feels good. You get a feeling that there is more chance to get something similar, or something better. 

Now in terms of TikTok, their AI is very strong, their video format is short and the TikTok algorithm keeps on improving by itself to serve you more of the type of content that you like.

6. Informal Culture on TikTok

The platform is filled with young people, therefore you will not see ass-bashing comments under any post, almost everyone is supporting content creators on TikTok.

Therefore, creators are more than happy to express themselves without worrying about being wrong.

So, creators are putting all sorts of content and end up getting big applause and can go viral on TikTok easily. The platform is much more accommodating to creators and viewers compare to other social media platforms.

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How do I stop being addicted to TikTok?

You are not alone out there to remove this addiction, you can simply remove the TikTok app from your home screen or move it to a folder that is less visible.

This can help reduce the temptation to open the app and browse for hours on end.

Additionally, commit to yourself that you will only watch TikTok before you go to bed, but will never watch throughout the day, basically you have habit of binge watching, and first steps is to set a schedule, you can do during the day instead of night, lets say during lunch break.

Reducing addiction takes time and effort. It’s important to be patient with yourself and stay committed to making positive changes in your life.

Eventually you will have to remove TikTok to stay from it.

7. What is the Secret Goal of TikTok

It is clear, the main goal of TikTok is to keep you on their platform as long as possible, through funny videos, lip-sync, or any informative videos, and they have been able to do it by providing maximum benefits to their creator and the viewers through their AI.

A creator on TikTok can literally go viral overnight, compare to Youtube, or Instagram where after years you have a slight chance of being successful.

On the other hand, viewers keep on getting their types of videos through Fo You Page which is smartly tailored according to their interest, and they don’t have to follow anyone, or like any page.

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