Why my TikTok Followers are Decreasing

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Why My TikTok Followers are decreasing

If your videos are not getting the same level of engagement as they once did, it could lead to a decrease in followers, there could be several reasons like change in algorithm or competition in your niche.

TikTok is growing everyday, so, there will be more competition for visibility and followers. You may need to step up your content game or try new strategies to stand out and keep your followers engaged.

Right now, I am going to share with you the top reasons why you are losing your TikTok followers, plus I will also share important tips to gain your followers as well.

how i Stop losing followers on tiktok

Firstly, keep in your mind that followers keep coming and keep going every day. So, your main focus should be on how to increase your inflow of followers than the outflow of followers.

Secondly, If your followers are decreasing at a higher pace every day then one of the main reasons can be your content type or quality of content, it is not what they followed you for. 

So, please, ask your self follow things in the heading, and read the response to each heading.  Lets answer:

Why My TikTok Followers are Decreasing

The reason you are losing TikTok followers, is because of not creating content according to your audience’s expectations, such as it is not as entertaining as before and the style of video creation is old and boring, However, Switching between niches is the major reason after acquiring a decent following.

Let’s look at each individual aspect to eliminate the reason behind the loss of followers.

1. Switching Niche Content Several Times

Are you diversify content too much? like, one viral video is on sports, the other one is a LipSyncronize, and the rest of the old ones are cute dog and cat videos.

I’m a huge advocate of building a community by sticking to one main idea(Niche). Because It’s very easy to create continuity between your videos and keep the interest of your audience.

How? If your hashtags are relevant, it’s relatively easy to build a community around one idea or a niche. 

However, where the mistake is often made when creators are spread too thin across two or three different niches.

Let’s say, you decide to post a video random video(any non-related niche video) and it achieves three million views overnight, Next morning you wake up with 15, 000 new followers now that is only great if that viral video was in your niche.

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find out why tiktok followers are decreasing

But, if your videos are from a different niche, you’re stuck with these 15,000 followers who followed you for something non-related to your main niche, what will happen to them?

You got the followers, but you will face the following big problems:

  • That 15k Followers in particular unfortunately are very unlikely to engage with any sort of future videos, unless it’s related to what brought them to you in the first place.
  • You will start losing followers once you post clips from different niches on your account, this is so bad for your overall account.
  • You will get very bad watch time, on your next video if it is not related to the same niche that 15k followers joined you for.

How you can stop losing followers? You need to know what type of niche content brought the biggest following to your account. Learn Here, to Pick the Best Niche.

Let’s say it was from the educational niche. That is perfect now, your main niche is education.

Now you can create content: 1. Information, 2. Funny video that has an informative message, 3. Knowledge about managing daily routine life. Etc.

Look, in order to reach For your page and grow your following, you need to first serve those that are following you right now.

Now read the next mistake that you are most likely doing or have already done.

2. What happens when you private a video on TikTok

Have you been privating your unwanted videos right after a few hours of posting? The leading mistake is deleting or turning into private videos. I cannot emphasize this enough, stop deleting your videos or making them private on Tik Tok. 

If you were horrible in the beginning don’t delete or private your old videos.

In case, you’re going to change your niche you don’t need to get rid of that old stuff, you do not need to delete all your videos, don’t care if your old videos were embarrassing.

tiktok video making private losses followers

Look at any influencer’s old videos, whether on Youtube or TikTok, either platform. The old videos are incredibly embarrassing that is part of being an influencer, you get better by posting more content and improving it over time.

This is what happens when you make your TikTok videos private or you delete them: 

  • For example, when you have friends and they ask you for a hangout and you keep telling them no no no, I don’t want to hang out, I don’t want to go out with you. You do it 2, 3 times, and they will stop asking you, True?
  • TikTok is the same exact thing when you create a post, people are going to view it and if they liked it they will share it and follow you too, but then you take it away because you made it private or deleted it.
  • Tiktok the algorithm works the same exact way, it is going to stop showing your stuff, and you’re going to see a huge decrease in views that will lead to a huge decrease in your following.

So, please stop deleting your videos, and stop making them private.

it’s one of the worst things that you could do.

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3. Why is my WatchTime Decreasing on TikTok

Did you read the first heading in this article? You can easily understand the point I want to make here. It is obvious to know if your watch time is decreasing because you are neglecting your current TikTok audience.

Also, with the latest Tik Tok updates, watch time is the most important factor, if you want to get on the For You Page, and you want to get a lot of followers with a lot of views, then watch time is the key here.

Here is the formula to aim your TikTok video watch time

  • If your post is less than 15 seconds long you should be aiming for over %90 watch time on each of your videos. 
  • For 30 seconds long at least %75, and if it’s over 30 seconds you guys need to be aiming for %50 watch time.

If your watch time is not as described above, it is because your content quality is not what your followers or audience is looking for on TikTok. Learn here, How to go viral on TikTok.

Pro tip: If you want more followers and views, increase your watch time. For example, if you only make 15-17 seconds long videos then increase 3 more seconds and make them 18-20 seconds long.

A few seconds’ time will dramatically increase your reach and ultimately get you more followers, but make sure the overall watch time is around %90 of that video.

Check your analytics after 24 hours of posting a video, they are usually not accurate before.

If your Video not getting views, make sure to remove these issues and terrible issues first, Click Here to Learn.

4. You are not Following Trendy Topic Styles

my tiktok followers losing

Are you are making content that’s not Tik Tok native? You need to be modeling your content after what’s being successful on Tik Tok and adding your own style to it within your niche.

This means, that you ought to be duetting those trends, stitching those trends, and just staying on top of them, also make sure that you’re using trendy songs. 

Ask yourself, are you making trending videos? Are you providing the latest type of content to your audience? Are you Using Trending hashtags?

If you do not follow the trend style which is currently on TikTok, your existing followers will start losing interest in your content and may leave for other better content creators.

5. Not Using the latest Features Offered by TikTok

Whenever Tik Tok releases a new feature they push it absolutely crazy and you need to take advantage of Tik Tok’s latest features. 

Whenever they come out with a new feature you need to push on that thing like crazy too.

They’re going to push it like mad for example a few months ago, TikTok introduced the Q & A feature, and they were pushing it to everyone.

Whoever, made TikTok posts using that feature, TikTok pushed their videos like crazy and they gained a huge amount of following, please make sure you guys are taking advantage of new features.

Why my TikTok Followers are Decreasing

6. Posting Copied Content From the Trend

Normally, when you often see a certain style of videos getting too many likes and so many people are making similar videos. Guess what, that trend is already dead for you to copy and make a similar video.

Right now, the Tik Tok algorithm is starting to prioritize more original content, meaning original visuals and original audio.

You can see for yourself now, that it’s very very rare to see a video with over 10 million views on Tik Tok’s For You Page, doing what the masses on Tik Tok are already doing, meaning a copy past content will not reach For You Page.

The tikTok algorithm keeps tracking, in case your only source of video content is just copying the other popular videos, nothing creative or original. Therefore, you need to come up with original ideas now. 

Content like a stitch or duet or a trend now, none of these are bad whatsoever but they are meant to be creative too.

So, try making 40%-50% Original content.

This problem leads to the next big problem, which is Low engagement.

7. Low Engagment on TikTok Videos

By making copy past type of video, you end up getting a low engagement ratio. Your engagement ratio in other words is the number of followers that currently engage with your content. 

So, if you have 15 000 followers and you have roughly a thousand people from your profile that engage with your content it’s about a 6.6% engagement rate.

TikTok expects the engagement ratio to increase on your videos by at least 10%. Also, you have to have strong audience retention along with engagement in the forms of comments and likes.

Some of the quick things you can do to gain high engagement:

  1. Change the place you are making videos. 
  2. Re-create your previously popular video with the modified ideas in the content.
  3. Request in the text on your video for share, or ask questions, and request them to post in the comment box. Learn Here to add auto text to your post.

These 3 quick tips will dramatically increase your engagement.

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How do I stop losing followers?

Being consistent, you have to be consistently posting your content in order to retain and gain followers on TikTok. Secondly, Go live and interact with your followers, this way they will remain loyal to you, also reply back to their comments under your videos.

Lastly, do not switch your niche over and over again.

Why My TikTok Followers went to 0

There is no particular reason for reaching 0 followers. However, if you have violated TikTok’s community guidelines then it is highly likely you are banned from the platform. You can check it yourself, by sharing one of your videos with your friend through message or via other messaging apps.

If it says, the video is under review then your particular video or account is banned.

Does TikTok Remove Followers

If your followers no longer using their account due to various reasons, such as a lost password, lost mobile phone, or anything like this, TikTok removes inactive users after a certain time. Keep in mind, that the audience on TikTok is mostly the Teen group, therefore forgetting passwords, or losing a mobile is common among this age group.

What to Do if you are losing followers on TikTok

Stop posting content for a moment, and ask yourself a few questions. Am I posting according to my niche? Are my new videos getting more views than previous ones? if you can spot any of these two issues? Immediately resolve them and start posting your videos.

Commonly, when you are switching niches in between, your old niche followers end up unfollowing you.

If you learned something about TikTok, share it with your friends on social media.

Are your followers decreasing, check out this helpful guide to resolve this.

If you’re experiencing a decrease in followers, try to identify the cause and make changes to your content or strategy accordingly. Also, be patient and don’t get discouraged

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