Why Removing TikTok Post Will Hurt your Account

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Why Removing TikTok Post Will Hurt your Account

Here, I will explain when removing your TikTok post is not harmful to your account and when it is going to hurt your account, and what is the best alternative to removing the TikTok videos.

Why Removing TikTok Post Will Hurt your Account

The Reason is, When you Delete a TikTok Post, the platform’s algorithm loses the associated metrics of the video linked to your account, such as your niche type, authority in the niche, and total Likes on the profile. However, these are among the few impacts your account will likely receive.

First, let’s understand about deleting content.

  • Assuming that I have a video that has 10,000 likes I decide to delete it, the immediate impact is going to be minus likes on my profile.
  • It is going to erase any data that the algorithm has kept about my profile through that particular video. 
  • So, every single video on your profile does matter and it’s all contributing to a classification of you in a certain niche, and gaining you an authority.
  • Deleting, when your content is already shared by your followers on social media platforms, is very bad for your account, imagine I was shared a TikTok post by someone on FB and it says, must-watch or hilarious, something along those lines, and when I click the video it returns an error, says, ‘this video was removed or not available.
  • By deleting the video it is not just your profile that is getting a negative impression, the TikTok itself as a platform is considered an unreliable source of content by internet users.
  • In this day and age, there is huge competition out there among the top Social media platforms, and no one wants to lose its reputation. Hence why your deleted videos are not helpful for the platform’s growth.

Lastly: TikTok Flagging your account Bot Boosted: There are so many bots out there and TikTok is just one step away from suppressing account which is artificially grown.

If someone has artificially tried to manipulate the metrics on their profile through buying likes, views, comments those activities work very well for some time, but they suddenly drop, meaning bot created profile’s followers will not watch your videos in the future and you will see huge drop in likes and comments on your newly posted content, and they often start to unfollow you.

This is the same impact on your profile when you delete your own video, you lose likes and associated followers.

Therefore, TikTok’s algorithm Treats your profile similarly to bot-based profiles.

not good deleting tiktok post

What will Happen If I Delete One Video on TikTok

Usually, people remove their post because of its poor performance, meaning that a lot of people will put quality effort into a video and when it doesn’t perform well or at least according to their expectations they’ll end up removing it.

But deleting your post is not a good idea. First of all TikTok’s algorithm takes your videos through a cycle of exposure on the for you page, it can be from weeks to months. 

So, when you post a video, and for 4-5 days you may not see any traction, no FOR YOU page ratio, and then a week later after you posted it, it might end up blowing up. Meaning that it is not necessary to get crazy views in the first few days. You should wait and do not delete your post.

Deleting Your TikTok Post, Because you Changed your Mind

People decide to remove content because of embarrassment or privacy reasons. It’s very rare that it happens, but sometimes, by mistake, we show an aspect of ourselves on TikTok, which we later realize rather not to display publicly to certain friends, social circles, or our workplace.

We don’t need to remove that content from the platform in a situation like this. As an alternative to removing the video, I would strongly encourage you to private the video. 

Because, it still allows you to maintain all the video metrics in the data on your profile, likes, comments, and all the information about it, plus you have the option to show that video to a selected group of people.

Though, if your video was shared, It may not be available to view.

However, do not private your video more than once in your 2 weeks’ time.

When Should You Immediately Private Your TikTok Post?

When you have made a mistake and you immediately want to delete the video, it can be due to wrong audio, or the first few words in the clip were cut off whatever the mistake was, It is wiser to private the video and upload a new video with correction. 

Deleting TikTok Post Because of Community Violation

When a video is removed by the platform forcibly because of a community guideline violation, it is advised that you appeal it, and if you don’t get a response after 72 hours, it is best to delete content.

Basically, if your appeal is rejected by the platform, you should delete the content as TikTok did not approve your content, and keeping such videos will not benefit you.

In case, if you are seeing a suppression in content or, you suspect maybe your shadowban or limitation in exposure, I have this step-by-step guide to get you un-shadowbanned on TikTok.

Learn, How to Go viral on TikTok

Does deleting TikToks affect your account

Deleting 1 TikTok does not usually have a significant effect on your account. However, if you delete a large number of videos or delete all of your content at once, it could potentially impact your engagement or follower count. Because TikTok’s algorithm tends to favor accounts that are active and regularly post content.

Also, if you delete a TikTok that was previously popular or had a lot of engagement, it could affect your overall engagement rate and potentially lower your account’s visibility in the app, and therefore you will lose FY audience.

So, if you need to delete a TikTok for personal or privacy reasons, it is generally safe to do so. Just be mindful of how it could potentially impact your account’s performance in the short term, and try to maintain a consistent posting schedule moving forward.

Does deleting TikTok’s shadowban you

Shadowban is usually done to prevent spam or inappropriate behavior on the platform.

Deleting TikTok videos by itself is unlikely to result in a shadowban.

However, if you have been posting content that violates TikTok’s community guidelines, and you then delete that content, it is possible that TikTok’s algorithm could flag your account and limit its reach as a result

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