Why Won’t my TikTok Post Show Up For Others

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Why Won't my TikTok Post Show Up For Others

You have been putting a lot of effort into producing videos, but somehow they do not get any views, 

It is painful and discouraging for many new creators, but do not worry.

In this article, I’m going to provide a solution and the reasons why TikTok is not showing your videos to other viewers. 

We will eliminate those reasons first and then apply our technical fix to get the views which I will also explain over here.

Let’s Understand and remove the problems first.

Why Won't my TikTok Post Show Up For Others

The Content-Type is banned or Flagged by TikTok to restrict

TikTok has Flagged your content as spam. 

Someone has falsely or mistakenly reported your content as spam.

This could be due to sharing content excessively with other people to get likes.

If you are getting 50 likes from one person, TikTok recognizes it as a bot and marks your content spam.

This issue is commonly found if your mobile device or associated Email address is previously used on TikTok and your account was marked as spam by TikTok.

Solution: the best advice is to check your recently posted i.e in the last 48 hours and see if they have received any views.

Ideally, you should be posting close to 3 videos every day when you start your journey on Tiktok. 

If you see consistently low or few views then your account is marked as spam.

You can remove this bann by following this step-by-step guide.

Why Won't my TikTok Post Show Up For Others

TikTok’s Community Guideline Violation 

Another major reason for not getting any views is breaching the TikTok community rules. 

TikTok is an emerging short format social media platform, and they are competing with big giants like Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat.

In order for TikTok to get more popular, they have to provide a safer yet funny environment.

Though to gain quick views and popularity, people end up using abusive language or posting racist content, gender attacks, and so on.

Some of the other formats that TikTok’s algorithm simply kicks out are posting gross medical procedures that involve blood sighting, discussion about the pandemic, and hate speech.

Your content will not be promoted and might as well get shadowbanned by TikTok. 

How to enable TikTok’s profile view hisotry

Too many Videos on the Same Content-Type.

If you keep sharing similar videos, using exact keywords and titles, TikTok’s algorithm recognizes it as spam and stops showing it to the people. 

Similar content tends to get less attention from people and often gets ignored.

It is because, after a few seconds of video views the user can recognize the video content

And swipe up to watch the next video.

It gets your video very low audience retention and TikTok downranks your video.

Why Won't my TikTok Post Show Up For Others

Video Quality is not better as other content creators

Since Tiktok is maturing rapidly, its demand for quality versus quantity is also increasing. 

It means you have to produce high-quality content in order for it to rank on top. 

As the number of users grows, more and more professional people are joining TikTok to use it as an effective marketing tool. 

Checkout Gender viewership of your TikTok posts

These professionals are way ahead in producing quality content compared to a regular teenager making a mobile camera video. 

The good quality video includes a hook in the first 2 seconds, popular trending music in the background and the video is not longer than 15 seconds.

If you have viewed your profile and re-assessed your content and there is nothing wrong with your content, and you are still struggling with views, you might want to try out the following fix.

Why does Your TikTok post not show up for others

  1. Turn off Private Account On TikTok

You need to check your account settings and see if you have the Private account option turned on. Simply follow these steps. 

  • Go to Profile
  • Click on menu
  • go to privacy 

Here you can see under discoverability, the Private Account option is turned on. Turn this option off so that your account is no longer private so that someone who is not following you, but is trying to watch your video can now watch all your content cause your account is no longer private. 

  1. Check out for video status

Besides setting your account privacy, you need to make sure that any individual video or content that is not getting views is not set to private. For this follow these steps. 

  • Go to profile,
  • Choose the video
  • Press the three dots on the right side of the screen
  • Scroll and go to Privacy
  • Here you can choose who can watch my videos
  • Select everyone

If you have fixed these two things in your TikTok profile and still having issues. You can Try this Fix:

Go to the Apps menu in your phone

  • Select TikTok
  • Press Storage
  • Press clear Cache on the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  • This should fix any bugs or problems with your app’s running. 

However, if someone is still not able to see your video, 

You can simply uninstall and reinstall the app. 

After logging back in your issue would be resolved. 


TikTok is based on its algorithm, it judges the video quality based on viewers’ reactions and responses to the video such as likes and shares.

Plus, it is very important that we do not violate any of TikTok’s community guidelines to eliminate the reasons: why won’t TikTok posts show up for others.

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