Youtube Lowering Monetization Requirements

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youtube monetization requirements 2023

Youtube has recently announced that they are lowering their monetisation requirements, so anyone with less than 1000 subscriber can apply for Youtube Partner program, plus they don’t have to reach 4000 watch hours anymore.

What is YouTube new update about Monetization?

As per updated youtube policy, anyone with 500 or more subscribers can now apply for the monetization program, plus they have uploaded minimum three public videos in the last 90 days with overall 3,000 watch hours or 3 million short views.

Which countries are currently eligible for changed monetisation

YouTube is applying this new eligibility criteria in the U.S. Canada, Taiwan, South Korea and UK. It will later roll it out to other countries. So, be prepared to reach those new requirements.

Can I monetise my YouTube channel with 500 subscribers?

yes, if you have 500 subscriber you can apply for youtube monetisation as soon as it becomes available in your country or region.

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What changes are coming to YouTube in 2023?

There is an updated you tube partner program which includes following changes:

  • Ad revenue sharing for Shorts creators.
  • Dedicated Podcasting page
  • Course Creation
  • Educational Content and new video player.

There is a lot going in 2023, as the TikTok is almost out competing every platform, you tube is gearing up to match with TikTok’s pace.

General Policy to Monetise YouTube Channels.

As of now, to be eligible for monetisation on YouTube, creators must meet the following requirements:

Within the past 12 months you need to have a YouTube channel in good standing with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours .

Your content must comply with YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines, which means it should be suitable for all audiences and not violate YouTube’s policies regarding hate speech, violence, adult content, harmful or dangerous acts, and other categories.

Also, you need to agree to the terms of the YouTube Partner Program, which includes adherence to YouTube’s policies and guidelines, as well as compliance with copyright and community guidelines.

Youtube monetization requirements 2023

If you are in U.S. Canada, Taiwan, South Korea and UK, then as per latest policy of Youtube, you are eligible to monetise with 500 Subscribers, and you only need 3000 hrs of watch time, and there should be only 3 public videos posted.

The 3 million short views are substitute of 3000hrs of watch time.

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