Youtube Processing will begin Shortly

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Why is a YouTube video gets stuck on processing will begin shortly’?

Short Answer: YouTube will begin processing the video after it has been entirely uploaded, and it should finish processing on its own without further intervention.

If, after a significant amount of time, the file is still being processed, you should try deleting the clip and uploading it again.

If the above method doesn’t resolve the issue then attempt the steps that are listed below:

Youtube Processing will begin Shortly

Step by Step Method to Fix: Youtube Processing Will Begin Shortly

Check to see that the name of the file does not contain any characters or symbols that are not standard such as #$%!^ or something junk. Also, get rid of the spaces and underscores.

Modify the video’s file format. The format that is most preferred is:
MP4 codec H.264 (Audio: AAC or MP3)

Cut down on the file’s overall size: The maximum size for an upload is 4 gigabytes (GB).

Reduce the file’s resolution to a lower setting. Videos at a resolution no lower than 1080p are desired.

Also on the flip side if you are uploading files with Higher resolution(2K or 4K) they might cause this problem, hence export those files to 1080p and then Upload.

Why Youtube Video is Stuck on “Processing Will Begin Shortly”?

As one of the most popular video-sharing websites, YouTube has its fair share of glitches.

The processing problem that prevents users from uploading long-form and high-definition videos is one of the top issues.

Officially there is no solution to this problem, however, following the above method can quickly solve the issue.

There really is no formal solution from Youtube that elucidates the reasoning behind why this warning is displayed.

However, in order for YouTube to process videos, a number of various copies of resolution are produced.

To present users with the version of the video that has the highest possible quality, YouTube creates numerous copies of the videos and saves them on its servers using a variety of resolutions.

After that, when viewers click to watch a video, they are shown the best version of the video that YouTube has selected for them as per internet connection and ISP.

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The phrase “processing will begin shortly” also implies that the higher quality copies of the movie have not yet been completed, but it does indicate that the procedure has been completed for the lower resolution versions, which can now be viewed.

Why I am stuck on Youtube Processing will begin Shortly

YouTube will make multiple different versions of your video, beginning with a poor-quality copy with a low resolution and working its way up to the copy with the maximum possible quality.

You will need to wait if you want the highest possible quality for the video which you are sharing with your audience.

Since this “problem” is YouTube’s, there is nothing anyone can do but wait.

How to fix a video that is not processing on YouTube

When users submit videos with a high resolution, they almost always see the notification “processing will begin shortly.”

After several hours of waiting, a number of users have complained that the video processing has remained stalled at the 95 percent mark.

The size and format of the video, in addition to its quality, have a significant impact on how quickly it can be processed. The amount of upload traffic at the moment is also a contributing element.

Additional Solutions to Fix Youtube Processing Problem

  • Simply refreshing the page will let you know whether or not the video has already been uploaded to the server.
  • Cut down on the file’s overall size.
  • After eight hours, if your movie has not finished processing, Google suggests deleting the clip and beginning the upload process again from the start.
  • Clear browser cache and use Incognito mode.
  • If clearing the browser doesn’t work then try changing the browser like using Firefox.

How much time does it take for YouTube to process videos?

The processing time for videos on YouTube can range anywhere from a few minutes to many hours.

The processing speed is quite sensitive to the video format, the video itself, the size of the file, and the amount of upload traffic.

As was previously discussed, codecs with a greater resolution would convert more slowly.

In Conclusion

When you read the notice “processing will begin shortly” the best thing to do is to wait, as the activity itself is somewhat complicated and is out of hand.

If the video still hasn’t uploaded after eight hours, try uploading it using one of the methods described in the previous section.

Relevant Question about Processing

YouTube Processing will Begin Shortly Reddit

The following Reddit thread suggests that the problem remains the same for short or long videos.

Youtube Processing will begin Shortly

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